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My life is guided by intentional thought. Whether I am planning a learning experience in class or envisioning my personal/professional goals for the day, I have come to rely on rational self-reflection and intentionality to help me make the best choice.

In the classroom, intention drives me to:


                 Provide clear learning goals   

                  Use creative and engaging assessments to                     track students' progress                                                                                                                                                     Allow students to share their success and                       reflect on their learning


Growing up as the son of an English professor (who's still teaching after 50 years in the classroom), I always had the desire to follow in his footsteps, but studying cultural anthropology (BA) and international affairs     (MA) instilled in me a desire to travel the world to discover and demystify as much as I could. That wanderlust propelled me to live, study, work and teach in over 100 countries, and has also instilled in me an immeasurable wealth of living experiences that enrich the learning experiences I create in the classroom! 


I remember from my experience (as an IB student) in elementary and high school that I learned the most from those classes that were the most fun. I've tried to create the most dynamic learning environments as a teacher to instill the same level of engaged learning for my students. 

The guilty 8th grader who pushed me in "captured on tape!"

Golfing has provided a great opportunity to  create meaningful relationships with my students.

Ancient Rome Market Day, aka

"How I learned to love a toga"

Loads of fun on our Week Without

Walls trip.

Sending my Model United Nations

Secretary General off into the real world. 

Tying all of my students' ties in preparation for the middle school dance.

Click below to view this play list to my "Capture Your Flag" Interview series

Since teaching in Japan, I have taken the "Carter Sensei" moniker with me, as I enjoy the mutual respect  between student and teacher in Japan.

Golfing with my students has allowed me to form meaningful relationships with them.

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