Presenter at Future of Education Now Conference at Western Academy of Beijing (WAB), November 2019: The Changing Role of Students from Media Consumers to Media Creators


Presenter at Global Education Conference, November 2019:
Using Media Creation as a Teaching Tool


Presenter at 21st Century Learning Hong Kong Conference, March 2019: Turning Ideas Into Action - How to Create your own Charity Project


Presenter at Global Issues Conference at Western Academy of Beijing, November 2o18: How Students can Develop Charity Projects to Gain Global Citizenship


Presenter at Central and Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) Annual Conference, March 2017: Putting the Learning Back in Service Learning. (see slides​ here)


Keynote Speaker at SAS Leadership Conference, May 2016: Turning Your Passion into a Lifestyle.    

Presenter at Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools (NESA) Spring Educators Conference, Istanbul, March 2015:  Let’s Go Global: Instilling Global Citizenship in the Classroom.

Presenter at Qatar Leadership Conference, October 2015: Service Learning: How to Create Positive Change in and out of School. (see link here) 


Presenter at Global Educational Conference, November 2014: Tips on Designing a Global-focused Class. (listen to presentation here)


Presenter at Learning Revolution Conference, April 2014: Instilling Global Citizenship Inside and Outside of the Classroom. (see slides here)


ETS Recognition of Excellence Award for PRAXIS Social Studies Score, 2014.        


Distinguished Speaker at Bill Clinton School of Public Service, October, 2010: The Beerman Philanthropist. (watch speech below )


Keynote Speaker at Phi Theta Kappa Regional Convention, 2013: Everyone Can Be a Student Activist!

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Article in Journal of Research in International Education: 

In Search of the Ideal Tool for
International School Teachers to
Increase their Global Competency: An Action Research Analysis of
the Global Competency Learning Continuum, 2020