Master's Degree in

Globalization of Education

from Teach Now Graduate School of Education, Washington, DC

(March, 2018)


Master’s Program with a focus on Globalization & Education Research

My Master’s Program on Globalization of Education consisted of the following 11 modules:

1. Program Orientation
2. The Culture of Schooling
3. The Learner & Learning in the Digital Age
4. Managing the Learning Environment
5. Planning & Preparation for Learning
6. Student Assessments
9. Reading and Literacy
12. Globalization of Education
13. International Mindedness
7. Education Research
15. Master’s Research Thesis

Click here to read my Master's Thesis which will be published in the Research in Global Education Journal in April, 2020. "In Search of the Ideal Tool for International School Teachers to Increase their Global Competency: An Action Research Analysis of the Global Competency Learning Continuum (GCLC)”

Globalization of Education

Research Project

International Mindedness

Master's Thesis published in Journal of Research in International Education (link and pdf)